“I had to be on a leash, but it was the best trip!”


Billy Doležal is a very adventurous dog who will celebrate his 6th birthday next week! As an early gift, Billy visited Plitvice Lakes with his owner S.

“Last Sunday was my fourth visit to Plitvice. I guess my S loves it there. Well I love it too. Plitvice in winter time are my favorite!”

It was a great choice for a birthday trip, so Billy and S had a great time!

“I had to be on a leash because it was really slippery and I didn’t want to end up swimming, but it was still so exciting… The fresh air, all the whiteness, cracking sound of waterfalls hushed by snow, magical colors of the water… even ducks calling me to chase them. My S says I have to see Plitvice in autumn with golden colors, but I still hope we won’t skip winter visit as well!”

Hope to see you soon again Billy!

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