The legends of Plitvice Valleys are coming to Old town Drežnik!


The historical and touristic festival The Legends of Plitvice Valleys will once again, on June 29, be held during this year’s tourist season in Rakovica Municipality. We can`t wait because last year we had so much fun at the fort and according to announcements this year will be even better!

Everyone who has visited the Legends of Plitvice Valleys festival has seen with their own eyes what it’s like when history comes to life in the full sense of the word, that the area of Rakovica Municipality is home to rich, interesting legends, as well as important historical events.

rakovica hrvatska

Old town Drežnik, the historical fort over the Korana river, will once again host interesting guests who will spend time with the visitors.

And as you can see in the picture below – their costumes are so cool and truly authentic! So let`s find out who are they and why they will be the most important part of the event.

Eugen Kvaternik, leader of the Rakovica rebellion; the serious Seressaner (Serežani), a historical elite police force based in the Plitvice Valleys donning impressive uniforms; the mysterious lady called the Black Queenthe Iapydes (Japodi), expert jewelcrafters whose products will be on display, and of course, the river Korana, a beauty who will come back to life for a day and tell us the tale of what made her so special for the people here.

Visitors definitely won’t have time to be bored, as the rich programme also includes thematic workshops for children, storytelling, interesting games, presentation of domestic products and handcrafted items and also very cool surprise in the evening.

There are more things coming, but you will just have to be patient and wait for further announcements in the upcoming weeks.

The Tourist Board of the Rakovica Municipality invites everyone to join these festivities, and for one day step into the region’s glorious history, enjoy new experiences, make new friends and create everlasting memories.

The event’s official hashtag is #Legende2019, follow it on social networks and see you at the fort!