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For the past three years, the town of Metajna, located 12 km from Novalja, has hosted a completely different race which will launch you straight out of our orbit! The Life on Mars Trail, a project which started as a race and turned into a new tourist product, is one of those festivals everyone should participate in at least once in their lifetime.

The specificities of the landscape and the natural wonders of Metajna, as well as a part of the city of Novalja which resembles the surface of Mars, make this race one of the most beautiful and most intriguing in Croatia. That is why each year the race attracts many runners from all over the world!

Over a thousand participants in 2019

This year, the third „space trails of Novalja“ race hosted more than 1300 participants on trails which are 7, 14, 21 and 25 kilometers long. In addition to Croatian runners, the race attracted runners from nearby Slovenia, Italy and Austria, but also runners from the USA, Spain and Germany, which is why the Life on Mars Trail race has been international from its very beginnings.

Running and walking through the karst landscapes, such as the Ručice, Beriknice and Maline beaches, which are deemed the most beautiful parts of the city of Novalja and town of Metajna, is a great way for any adrenaline lover to spend the weekend.

They might also find it interesting to know that the 14-kilometer-long trail in Metajna has recently been fully marked and is open throughout the whole year.

Maps, applications and new trails

Organized by Šimun Cimerman of the „Treking liga“ initiative and the Tourist Board of the City of Novalja, „Life on Mars“ Pag Island Trail has become a recognizable pre-seasonal tourist product in Novalja and the island of Pag.

A map and mobile application are currently in development to make it easier for all active vacationing enthusiasts to move. Additionally, new trails, signalization and marks of the planetary 19-kilometre-long trail is planned for next year.

Finally, if you’re wondering if there’s life on Mars, we recommend you come check it out yourself next March, when the Life on Mars Trail race is bound to break even more records.


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PHOTO: Gordan Požek

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