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If cheese is something that you care for and love exploring new and different tastes let`s go on this trip together. Have you heard about Lika Cheese Route – an entire network of farmers and producers promoting a brand of the rural area and top-class farm products.

From the Gacka Valley, Gospić, Brinje area to the island of Pag and Novalja – the aim is to promote the area’s traditional small-scale businesses and local products.

The goal is to showcase everything cheese related through visits to farms and dairies while the route mapped allow the visitors to explore the region, its people and its products offering insight into all stages of the cheese production process.


So what can you find on Lika Cheese Route?

Lika is a farming and livestock region ideal for growing healthy food. The milk products of its country farms base their quality on both the region’s long farming tradition and the natural feed their livestock graze on, full of the aromatic herbs that grow wild in the pastures of Lika and Velebit.

Sheep, cow and goat milk comes from grassy fields of Lika and the stingy macchia on the island of Pag and from it we get various kinds of cheese. They are used in the Lika cuisine in the preparation of various salty and sweet specialities.


We recommend the famous Lika škripavac, semi-hard cow cheese made from skimmed milk, and also the well-known sheep cheese known as the Lička basa. The most famous product from this part of the region is the famous Pag cheese that owes its particular taste to the salt sprinkled grass grazed by the island sheep.

Škripavac cheese, cottage cheese, and cow and sheep curd are the foundation of the traditional offerings of the region’s dairies and small farms. It is a concept founded on a combination of traditional and modern influences in cuisine, and it has been a proven, much-loved success on the market. There are large and small dairies and a few dozen family farms that produce cheese and dairy products in Lika-Senj County and you can find them all on this Route.


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