“It looks so much better in real life!”


Danielle from Melbourne was traveling on a tour which brought her to Plitvice Lakes this summer. We talked to her about the reasons for visit and her experience here.

“I had seen photos of the lakes and had always wanted to come and tick it off my bucket list of places I want to travel around the world.”

I really lake it here🍃

Objavu dijeli Danielle Murnane (@danimurnani)

It was a good decision because she just loved it at Plitvice Lakes.

“The park is beautiful, I have never seen such vibrant coloured water and trees. It looks so much better in real life than in photos.”

“One of the girls I was travelling with had a sister who visited the Lakes a few days before we did. She took a really nice photo looking down on one of the walk ways. We spent the entire day looking for the place where her sister had taken the photo. We hiked 20km around the Lakes until we finally found the spot and funny enough, it was the place where we first started our hike in the morning!”

After a great day, Danielle admits she will definitely come back.

“It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited! I will return!”

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