Malta reveals the range of the best boat trips and diving activities


The sea is the best feature of the Maltese Islands, being so close to every corner of little Malta, it should come as no surprise that sea activities are very popular in the Maltese Islands, such as cruise ships and diving.

Discovering the islands of Malta from the sea has a different taste, where you can see the color mixing of the land, the sea and the sky, feeling that there is no better place on Earth. People forget all their stress once they have integrated into this amazing combination, even if they were in a bad mood, says Carlo Micallef, Deputy CEO & Chief Marketing Officer, Malta Tourism Authority.

Micallef added: The sea whisperings and the way it reflects the sky always makes people feel very relaxed, the colours that shimmer across its surface are unbelievable. This, combined with the vividness of the water over yellow sand, will make a surprise every time.

Visitors can take a Boat and visit Comino and the Blue Lagoon, where Comino is the smallest of the three main islands in Malta. The tour Circles around the island to visit the turquoise Blue Lagoon for that authentic Comino experience, also they can discover Valletta’s Grand Harbour, where it is famous of its gorgeous limestone and sporadic spires that shoot out of the landscape. It’s a tranquil, yet cultural adventure that will entertain viewers of any age.

Making a full sea tour around Malta, since the whole island’s a stunner, is an unforgettable experience. Visitors will glance at the beautiful Dingli Cliffs or the superb St Paul’s islands and they won’t be able to take their eyes off this natural beauty. Or they can enjoy the sea tour of the magnificent Three Cities. By land and by sea, these heritage points are big on architectural stunners with their ports open to enjoy.

Going into Diving activities, Malta ranked as being the second best place to dive in the world back in 2017. Diving programs are available for all ages from beginners to professional divers so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular views of the underwater masterpieces, with its marvelous creatures, the statues and the drowned ships and planes. It is also an excellent opportunity for photographers to take photos for sights that are never seen before.

Divers can dive to P29 Patrol Boat, since it is one of the most popular diving sites in Malta for experts and beginners alike. Located about 150 meters off the Ċirkewwa coast and a maximum 34 meters below the surface, the former German minesweeper was purposefully sunk in 2007 after being made safe for both divers and the environment around it. Experienced divers are allowed to explore inside the hull. However, for the newer divers or those who don’t particularly enjoy entering wrecks, the site also offers a diverse collection of marine life to observe and photograph.

Divers also owe a visit to Imperial Eagle Ship that used to transport people between the islands of Malta and Gozo but was dismantled in 1999 to become an attraction for scuba divers. Also, the Kristu Tal-Baħħara (or Christ of the Sailors) relocated from the St. Paul’s Islands to Qawra, about 30 meters away from Imperial Eagle’s Shipwreck.

Divers will be treated to a myriad of colours and creatures that decorate every nook and cranny at Reqqa Point and St. Andrew’s Cove. While there are no wrecks to explore, the natural environment alone is more than enough to satisfy that lust for the deep sea that some people possess.

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