MICHELIN EVENT Croatia’s gastronomic magic in the heart of Paris


The Croatian National Tourist Board organised a joint top gastronomy event “Four hands dinner” together with MICHELIN for the very first time.

This is an exclusive dinner held at the Parisian restaurant La Scène which has been a proud owner of a MICHELIN star since 2014. Stephanie Le Quellec, chef at restaurant La Scène, and Rudi Štefan, the renowned Croatian chef from restaurant Pelegrini which has also been awarded a MICHELIN star, joined forces in order to prepare the dishes.

The event aimed at promoting Croatian food and wines on the large an important French market, which is world-renowned for its top-notch food and wine production. Kristjan Staničić, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board took part in the programme itself. He pointed out that this is the first but definitely not the last large cooperation between the Croatian National Tourist Board and MICHELIN as far as event organisation is concerned.

“This truly was an evening to remember by the great food and wine put forward by two exceptional chefs and professionals. Stéphanie and Rudi prepared specialties that are in line with world trends and the reactions of those attending just go to prove that we have organised a very good event that lived up to MICHELIN’s world reputation thereby significantly contributing to the promotion of Croatia’s gastronomy and oenology”, Mr. Staničić said and added that the latest MICHELIN recommendations and stars awarded to Croatian restaurants prove that our gastronomy scene meets the extremely rigorous international quality criteria.

Stephanie Le Quellec emphasises that celebrities such as actors and singers are a common sight at restaurant La Scène.

“Guests love our restaurant’s open kitchen concept which enables everyone to get a glimpse of how the very best chefs go about preparing the very best dishes”.

Croatian chef Rudi Štefan pointed out that the Croatian part of the menu consisted of five key elements and courses.

“We wanted to turn available ingredients into delicious dishes. Judging by the reactions and feedback of those in attendance, it looks like we managed to do just that”, Štefan said in conclusion.

We’d like to add that the dinner was organised for 20 top French gastronomy influencers who had been given a special permit to stream their experiences in real time to their followers on their popular social media accounts.

Even though the menu contained ingredients characteristic of Croatian gastronomy and oenology, it was kept a secret to the very finale.

SOURCE AND PHOTO: Croatian Tourist Board