Mountain rescuer survival advice in case of getting lost

Photo: Unsplash (Simon English)

How justified is the fear of animals, and what can panic on the mountain do? An experienced mountain rescuer answers these and other important questions, reports

1. Share your location

If you get lost the easiest way to share your location is the WhatsApp mobile app. It is always important to send the current location and then stay in that location. That way you will be found faster. Actions in which mountain rescuers do not know where a person is are always much more difficult and dangerous.

2. Protect yourself from bad weather

Although summer is just around the corner, the hike can start in sunny and clear weather, and in a moment at a certain altitude, it can turn into something more similar to late autumn. That’s why it’s always good to know that it’s important to separate yourself from wet or cold soil. The easiest way is to use your backpack for that and sit on it.

3. Bring astro foil

It has two sides, one silver and the other yellow. The silver side turns towards the body in the cold to keep it warm, and if it is hot outside and we want to protect ourselves from the heat, then we turn the silver side towards the sun. It can also serve as protection from the rain, you can cover yourself with it, but you can also use it to retain heat inside the tent.

4. Bring a mini first aid kit

The mini first aid kit contains everything that will protect your wounds from any infections. First aid includes bandages, adhesive tapes, gauze, plasters and small gauze to clean wounds.

5. Dress appropriately for mountain terrain

Boots are the best choice of footwear on the mountain. They must have a well-ribbed sole so that you have a safe step no matter what surface you are on.

You need hiking pants, which are mostly made of lighter materials because you always warm up while hiking. An airy T-shirt and jacket are also important. Both the T-shirt and the jacket must be made of a material that will transfer the sweat to a new layer to keep it as far away from the body as possible.

6. Stay calm when meeting animals

In nature, it should always be borne in mind that we are guests. Encounters with animals on the mountain are rare because animals do not want to be near people. Animals are more afraid of people than people are afraid of animals and this should be kept in mind so that you can stay calm.

7. Avoid panicking

The most important thing is to calm yourself and everyone around you. It is important to help the person who had an accident within their means and to call the rescue service as soon as possible.

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