New equipment for monitoring of wild species in Northern Velebit National Park

rewilding velebit

The Rewilding Velebit team have provided equipment for the monitoring of wild species in the area of the National Park Northern Velebit. It is a continuation of successful and fruitful cooperation between Rewilding Velebit and Northern Velebit National Park based on a year-long cooperation agreement.

The present cooperation has been achieved in the field of education of elementary school children, raising their awareness of the natural values of Velebit as well as the biodiversity in the area. In the past year, it was also agreed to reconstruct traditional pounds in the Northern Velebit National Park area.

“Financing for the procurement of this equipment is also provided by the Rewilding Velebit project in close cooperation with Rewilding Europe and represent the realization of our common efforts to protect the original wild species in the NPNV area. The monitoring of the health status of wild species is one of the most important actions in their protection and we are therefore extremely pleased to contribute to the successful implementation of the NPNV efforts.

rewilding velebit

The data gained in this way will be used for scientific research on wild species, but also for the popularization of wilderness and original habitats of Velebit.”said Davor Krmpotić, Rewilding Velebit Team leader.

Director of NPSV, Irena Glavičić Sertić, pleased said: “We recently organized a workshop called Chamois in Croatia: science for the conservation of the species in order to popularize the protection and conservation of the chamois, as well as to get acquainted with the research and professional work in the area. I have to say that this donation has been pleasantly surprise and will certainly enable us to have a better performance in our further work. With these infrared cameras, we will gather valuable information about wildlife monitoring. I hope we will continue our cooperation through the joint activities that connect us in order to gain new insight into the values of Velebit. ”

rewilding velebit


PHOTO: Northern Velebit National Park