New song about Nikola Tesla


Croatian band Teška Industrija and singer Goran Karan recently released a video for a new song called Nikola Tesla.

A song about a great inventor from Smiljan near Plitvice Lakes, talks about his childhood, life, creations, and dreams…

Here are the lyrics of the song and enjoy! 🙂

-It’s storming over Lika
One boy is listening as the tempest roars
He starts his journey set to seek out
To find the answer, his spirit soars

How to take the light from the thunder
As Prometeus did in the days of yore
And pass the secret of this wonder
To all of mankind for evermore

I am just my people’s son
A solitary quester
My search has only just begun
My name is Nikola Tesla

I am just my country’s son
A solitary quester
I’ll share the truth with everyone
My name is Nikola Tesla

It’s storming over the Lika
Mother is calling her shepherd son
But he is ready and he will reach out
For misteries under the sun