Old Kyrenian: Plitvice is the best national park in Europe


One of the most recognized photographers visited Plitvice this summer and left with amazing memories…

Just a look at this photos shows that this is a work of a professional, and yes, Plitvice had quite a famous guest this summer who captured some amazing photos.

His name is Kenan Hurdeniz, but Instagram knows him as Old Kyrenian. This 45 years old man living in Kyrenia in North Cyprus, decided to visit Plitvice one more time.

“Honestly, Plitvice is the best national park in Europe, I always tell that to everybody. When I saw photos of Plitvice for the first time, I said to myself – you must see this place! So I did, actually, I visited this national park four times. It is an amazing place in summer, spring, autumn, I only wish I can visit it one more time when it is covered with snow.”, says Kenan, and also reveals us a great info.

“I do photography workshops also, and this October I will be in Plitvice again with my group.

 Old Kyrenian, a winner of so many international photo contests, has so many favorite places.

“I love north Norway because of aurora borealis, Plitvice in summer when you can see many shades of green, and after that amazing autumn colors. Istria is serenity, Bled is romanticism, Dolomites are the dream.”


See you in October Old Kyrenian, we are looking forward to your return. Until then, follow his breathtaking Instagram profile!

I miss this amazing place 😊

Objavu dijeli Kenan Hurdeniz (@oldkyrenian)


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