Out of 1200 in Croatia, only 400 are currently opened

Photo: Unsplash (Lian Tomtit)

Many hotels closed earlier due to the drastic increase in energy costs, but some prepared for that, reports rtl.hr.

Of the 1,200 hotels in the country, 400 had traffic yesterday. Due to the drastic increase in business costs, their closures began two weeks earlier than usual. The Rijeka hotel with 200 rooms continues working.

Nikola Špehar, marketing manager of a hotel in Rijeka: “The prices of energy have increased, but the facility itself was built a little less than a year and a half ago and was designed taking into account the highest level of energy efficiency. We pay great attention to the education of employees about energy saving and how to manage it responsibly.”

They have permanent employees who are part of a global hotel brand, so when there is less work in Rijeka, they can go to sister hotels in Europe and the Middle East for training.

Many are not so lucky, especially in winter when they go home to wait. Eduard Andrić, president of the Croatian Tourism and Services Union, reveals the situation: “About 42,000 workers work in the hotel industry permanently. Of these permanent workers, about 15,000 could be in a position where they do not have a full salary but end up on the minimum wage.”

Large hotels are impossible to fill in winter, so the state encourages the construction of smaller family hotels through EU funds.

In winter, Croatia achieves 5% of the total tourist traffic, so approximately that many facilities are in operation.

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