Ozalj Castle – a medieval architectural masterpiece


Meet Ozalj, a small town situated between wooded hills and the emerald Kupa River that flows from the hills into the plains.  And the reasons we love this city even more, is one special building, actually a castle that will leave you breathless. So here are a few interesting facts about Old Town Ozalj.

The Zrinski-Frankopan Old Town, the symbol of Ozalj, stands proudly on the cliff, above the tranquil, clear Kupa River.

Placed on the limestone rock, in the silent area, only a train sometimes disturbs the silence that surrounds Old Town Ozalj.

A wooden bridge, which was movable until 1821 leads to the entrance tower.

That beautiful stone building that looks like a castle is an old hydropower plant called Munjara, located in Ozalj, on the river Kupa.

It was built in 1908, designed by a famous architect Herman Bolle, and definitely is one of the most beautiful industrial architecture in Croatia. After more than one hundred years it still produces electricity.

Return to the Middle Ages and feel the magic of rich and glorious past!

PHOTOS AND STORYTELLING: Renata Šoštar, follow her on Instagram for more amazing photos!

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