Pag cheese among best rated Croatian foods!


TasteAtlas, a world atlas of food and drinks, and an encyclopedia of flavors released a list of Best rated Croatian Food.

Among them is  a hard Croatian cheese originating from the island of Pag. The cheese is made from milk of the Pag sheep. The harsh bura wind dusts the island with sea salt, flavoring various herbs (such as immortelle, sage, and sea fennel) on which the sheep graze, and as a result their milk has a unique flavor.

When young, it’s herby and salty, reminiscent of Manchego in texture and flavor, while the aged version somewhat resembles Pecorino Romano. It is recommended to serve the cheese at room temperature, sliced into triangles. Pair the aged one with fruit jams, olive oil, wildflower honey, anchovies, prosciutto slices, grapes, or paške bubice (small local bread rolls), but “don’t use it in sandwiches,” as the locals say.

More about Paški sir.

To see the full list go HERE.

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