PALENTA A traditional meal and a perfect side dish


Polenta, or also known as palenta, žganci or pura is a dish of boiled corn grits. Its name derives from Italian word polenta, which was taken from Latin word for barley porridge (in the past polenta was made from other grains).

In the past, it was a traditional meal of not so wealthy households in Lika. Although today there are many versions of it in different parts of the world, if you want the best polenta, you must reach for millstone grinded corn grits.

The corn grits used in this dish can be yellow or white and depending on the colour, you can easily recognize whether you are eating a savoury (yellow) or sweet (white) one since that is a custom in these areas. People usually eat it with milk, cream or use it as a side dish.

Even though it had humble beginnings, a perfectly cooked polenta can be the star of any meal, in any country – at any time.


2 litres of water
500 grams of cornflour or corn grits


Gradually add cornflour or corn grits into salted boiling water while whisking continuously and vigorously.

Continue to stir over light fire for 30 – 60 minutes.

Leave the polenta to rest at room temperature for 20 minutes. Serve with milk or as a side dish.




PHOTO: Wikimedia

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