A perfect place for our first anniversary!


A 25 years old Anush Gazaryan from Ukraine came to Plitvice Lakes with her husband Alexey to celebrate their first anniversary. She heard about Plitvice Lakes from a friend and decided it would be a perfect place for that special moment.

“We both loved it. When you see Plitvice Lakes you realize how beautiful our world is. We were walking around with opened mouth. It was unforgettable, amazingly beautiful place with incredible views.”


Anush is a book writer, makeup artist, and actress so she is always in a search for an inspiration.

“This place is absolutely inspiring, especially for me, since I like writing fantasy, mysticism, fairy tales. I would definitely like to return.”

Beautiful 🛶🍃💚 #travel#nature#green#boat

Objavu dijeli Anush Gazaryan (@anush_gazaryan)

PHOTO:  Anush Gazaryan

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