“This place deserves UNESCO World Heritage status”


Lady Nadhea from Malaysia wanted to come to Plitvice for a long time, ever since she saw one article that made her fall in love with this place.

“I’m grateful I`m finally able to set my foot here! Oh my God! It was as amazing as I expected… Actually, I was planning to come in autumn when the scenery is more colorful and vibrant, but as I had the time, I decided to come during cold and snowy winter. And I’m glad I did. The place is definitely like a fairytale winter wonderland.”

Her overall impressions are even better then she thought they will be.

“This place deserves UNESCO World Heritage Status, it is one of a kind! I was lucky the weather was snowy in the early morning, so I felt the special romantic vibe with some sunshine in the afternoon.”

Every moment was a special one she says, adding that she would like to come again during autumn.

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