Why Plitvice Lakes was called “The Devil’s Garden”?


There is no doubt that Plitvice Lakes, one of the most beautiful places in the world has some amazing legends. Some of them were positive, and others… not so much. Actually, they scared people to the point that they didn’t even want to come near worldwide known waterfalls. So let’s talk about the fact that Plitvice Lakes were in the ancient times called The Devil’s Garden. Reason – the beauty was so unreal that it scared people.

Many years ago, according to the legend, after a great drought affected the area, people, animals, and plants longed for even a drop of water. Even the Black River, the main water source, was dry. The people persistently prayed until one day the Black Queen came with her magnificent escort. While listening to the prayers of the peasants, the Queen smiled and promised to give them water in abundance. The rain poured into the ground so hard and so long that it created lakes. The first was called Prošćansko, because that name explains the prayers of the people.

At one point the water from Galova Lake raised and began to spill over with such strength that it was carrying woods and stones. In fear of the flood people again asked their Queen for help, and the Queen said:

“You are good people, take care of your fertile valleys and these beautiful lakes with silver streams. A lot of soldiers will pass through this area and a lot of blood and tears will fall. I will come again and my arrival will bring a better future, and your wonderful lakes will visit people from all over the world. “



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