Plitvice Lakes inspired the great Nikola Tesla


Did you know that one of the greatest minds of all times – inventor Nikola Tesla was born near Plitvice in a small village called Smiljan? In his early work his birthplace, as well as all the locations near Smiljan served as a big inspiration.

No wonder that Tesla thought Plitvice was not just a beautiful place, but also a place of a great energy potential. Therefore he wanted to build a hydroelectric power plant in the Jezerkinja cave, but was not allowed to do it at the time.

While he was in Europe, Tesla also visited Zagreb and gave a lecture about alternating current and the construction of a hydroelectric generating station at Plitvice Lakes. On the occasion, Tesla said:

 “As a son of my homeland I feel it is my duty to help the city of Zagreb in with my advice and work.”

Obviously, he had Plitvice in mind too.While visiting Plitvice be sure to go and see Tesla’s birth house that was transformed into an amazing museum.



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