PORK GREAVES Time to make our favorite “chips” the traditional way!


Crunchy and salty – homemade pork greaves are delicious like the finest chips and that`s why we call them our favorite winter snack.

This pork delicacy, in Croatia called “čvarci”, is prepared by frying pork fat into a snack the size of the fingertip. And the best way to do it is the traditional way!

Pork graves are really popular in continental Croatia, and there are several variants of this crispy delicacy. Some like them to be pressed more intensely to make them crispier, while others prefer less pressed cracklings with more fat inside.

Greaves are often served with sausages, ham and cheese, and in Lika, we like to serve them with a traditional dish called “police”. Make sure to try them while visiting Croatia in the wintertime.

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