Queen Real Tribute is coming to Novalja this Wednesday!


One of the world’s best Queen tribute bands is playing in Novalja!

Queen Real Tribute consists of Ivan Ristanović (vocals), Nenad Bojković (guitar and vocals), Ivan Đerfi (bass and vocals) and Radoš Ćapin (drums, vocals). They are professional musicians and big fans of Freddie Mercury and Queen and in 2006 this tribute band was founded, to pay hommage to one of the most important rock bands of all time.

During 2007 and 2008, they played a large number of concerts in Eastern Europe and since have become one of the largest Queen tribute bands in the world. Back in 2008, they performed at the Boogaloo Club in Zagreb, and on that occasion they recorded the DVD “Magic Rhapsody”. During 2010-2016, the band played one hundred concerts abroad. This summer, they performed in several cities on the Croatian coast: Makarska, Pula and the Zadar Forum, where they also performed the unforgettable “Barcelona” with soprano Nela Šarić, originally performed by Freddie Mercury with famous opera singer Montserrat Caballé. They haven´t been to Australia and New Zealand yet, and after their tour in Croatia, they are planning to go to Korea, China and Russia.

The recognizable movement and gestures, the costumes, the energy in the performances make the whole show Queen´s like. Authenticity is equally important to guitar player Nenad Bojković, who not only owns the same guitar as Brian May, but he also plays with an authentic British sixpence coin from 1948 to achieve the real Queen sound.

I have never seen anyone imitate anyone so well. They are simply fantastic, says Dino Bahtijarević, manager of the Parni Valjak and Neno Belan, who suggested Novalja Tourist Board to organize the concert.
Come to Novalja on August 14th and be part of Queen experience!
Photo: PR