RARE DOCUMENTARY Plitvice in the 80s


A YouTube channel called Old Yugoslav Television just uploaded a very rare and interesting documentary from the 80s that captures Plitvice Lakes between 1885 and 1989.

It was a different time, but we must admit, even then Plitvice looked like a great place to live, work and go on a vacation.

Here is what the author says in the description:

“This documentary shows how Plitvice looked like before the civil war. I don’t have the entire documentary because the cassette has been heavily deteriorated and I’ve also lost it. Some scenes have been repaired quite a bit since I had recorded the tape twice and replaced the frozen parts with parts that weren’t frozen. I could not fix some of the parts because they were simply missing on both recordings but I’ve managed to reduce the freezing quite a bit and some scenes are completely fixed. I’ve also used this same method of restoration on another video (the Botanic Garden one).”

PHOTO: YouTube printscreen channel Old Yugoslav Television

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