Rastoke – “When civilization meets nature”

charlene liang

Many tourists who visit Plitvice Lakes, also love to stop at Rastoke – a watermill village in the center of the city of Slunj. One of them was Charlene Liang, an American traveler who is currently traveling the globe and chasing as many beautiful experiences as possible.

“At night Rastoke are beautiful and it’s very quiet, other than the sound of the waterfalls which adds to the magical feeling of the city.”

Charlene came to Plitvice with her boyfriend and Facebook played a huge part in their trip. They were in England and since it’s so cheap to fly to Croatia, they thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out, so they spent two days here.

“Plitvice was absolutely breathtaking and one of my favorite places that I’ve visited. I particularly loved the layout of the park, the way the paths weaved in and over the waterfalls. It allowed for such an intimate experience and I applaud whoever designed the park. Because we visited in fall, there were almost no people at the park with us and it really felt like we were there alone.”

Same place, different day!

Objavu dijeli Charlene Liang (@itscharlenee)

“I absolutely love nature and love it, even more, when I’m alone with it. I would love to come back in the summertime and see the lakes when it’s hot and the blue skies reflect onto the water.”

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Objavu dijeli Charlene Liang (@itscharlenee)

PHOTO: Charlene Liang

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