“It`s my ritual to do a handstand at every beautiful destination”


Riccardo from Germany loves to spend days doing sports or exploring beautiful places around the world – for instance, the Plitvice Lakes. It was his first time visiting Croatia and hence also his first time in Plitvice.

“We were driving across the country to see as much of Croatia’s beauty as possible during our short vacation. Plitvice is the most popular nationalpark of Croatia, that’s why this had to be one of our stops. Visiting the Plitvice lakes was totally worth it, no wonder its such a well visited tourist destination! The waterfalls are incredible and the atmosphere is really special. Particularly in late afternoon when most of the visitors got tired and already left the park the ambiance creates a peace of mind!”

“There is so much more to see in Croatia for me, so I will definitely visit this country at least one more time. And because I really loved the Plitvice lakes I am pretty sure this will be one of my stops again!”

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