Smart benches in Plitvice Valleys!


Oh how we love technology, and even more useful things that help us keep charged. One of them is Steora – a smart bench just installed in the centre of Plitvice Valleys, Rakovica.

So why should you sit here? Here is what Steora offers:

Steora’s main feature are chargers for charging different type of devices. Bench provides two USB ports with beautiful ambient light for charging any type of device using USB cable. Wireless charger integrated in acrylic glass cover enables charging without using cable. Just set your device on the charging pad to charge it wirelessly.

Special controller takes care of your security while reading news on Plitvice Times, using social networks or shopping online.

While you are charging your cell phones or tablets, the Rakovica Tourist Board has made sure you have free internet access, just search for a new Wi-Fi network called “Plitvice Valley” with a stronger signal.

Technology geeks from around the world say – thank you! 🙂

PHOTO: Plitvice Valleys