SPOTTED: Artist sketching waterfalls!


Tozani, an artist from Mexico is a very talented and positive young man who frequently travels to amazing places to create art. He worked as an artist for almost 20 years for different companies, from publishers to advertising,  animation and video games.  Watercolour is his favourite tool, that he also used to capture this Plitvice experience.

Art and nature are close to my heart, and capturing nature world is a hobby I started just recently. I went to Croatia during my holiday as I knew it was a unique place to visit.

He said it was a better experience than he expected.

There were so many places in the Park that I wanted to draw, but most were crowded with tourists or I had to stand or sit in the middle of the path, and that wouldn’t be respectful for the rest of the visitors. On the second day at the park, we did the K route, and since it is one of the longest, there were less people, so I decided to draw there.

I chose this spot because it was peaceful, with a nice breeze that scared most of the mosquitos. Also the rock in front of the waterfall helped me to have a better view. I found it in general interesting and relaxed place to paint.

One of his dreams is to go to Plitvice for a couple months to paint all the waterfalls and interesting areas in the park.

It is a peaceful place that deserves to be preserved. It makes me so happy to know that a place like this exists and that people care about it. Let’s all make an effort for preserve this gift that Mother Nature has given to us.

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