“THANK YOU Rastoke – I know my Dad was with me that day”


Matija Vincek, incredibly talented photographer from Zagreb is a friend of Plitvice Times and a frequent guest in our area. That is why we were very sad to hear about his loss, the tragic news about the death of his Father. Just a few days before the funeral Matija came to Rastoke and this is his private testimonial and the answer to the question “why?”.

“My girlfriend Sanja and I have traveled abroad for years to find places that will take our breath away. We flew thousands of miles to feel indifference, while only 80 minutes from our home in Zagreb there were places that thrilled us.

You know, my Dad IS my biggest fan and he loved to watch my photos, so I`ve visited a lot of places just because of him – to take the photos that will cheer him up.

My Father had died a few days ago, so I was looking for a place to fill my soul and gather needed strength for the upcoming funeral. I chose Rastoke and it was not a mistake. You know, when I take photos there are no worries, no thoughts, only now, only this moment…

Places like Rastoke connect me with my deepest emotions and the feeling of absolute happiness. There is no place for regret, sorrow or anything else. It is ironic that in that time of the greatest sadness I felt such happiness. Why is that so?

Well, because if you stop for a moment and look inside yourself, you will realize that we are all connected.

My dad was with me that day and words cannot describe the peace and happiness I felt. Rastoke thank you for this feelings and this is my gift for you – a couple of photos to encourage people to come and see this magical place.


Thank you Matija, we are sure your Father is reading this story as well.

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