Theater play about Black Queen of Plitvice in Scotland


Have you heard the legend about Black Queen of Plitvice Lakes? Did you know that Plitvice Lakes were once called The Devil’s Garden? If not – READ HERE all about it!

Now that you are informed we want to share with you that this legend is going global, and credit for that goes to one creative team from Istra!

Istra Inspirit, the only project of cultural-innovative tourism in Croatia managed by Istrian Tourism Development Agency, recently participated at the 28th Scottish International Storytelling Festival in Edinburgh.

This award-winning festival gathers artist from around the world and they present their local creative stories and legends, so Istra Inspirit team decided one of their stories will be about Black Queen from Plitvice Lakes.

“The task was to present Croatia, so we focused on the most significant attractions, and Plitvice Lakes certainly are among them. While exploring the history of Plitvice Lakes, our director Petar Bernard Blašković has found the legend about the Black Queen. We loved it and wanted to present it among the most interesting stories, myths and legends of the festival.” explained Istra Inspirit.

Their programme included many stories, myths and legends from all over Croatia, and they were performed by academic actors Petra B. Blašković and Frano Novljan.

Here is a short exclusive clip from Edinburgh:

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