Three days of recreational cycling at Plitvice Lakes!


The Plitvice Lakes Municipality contains five cycling trails of varying intensity visited by cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.

Cycling tourism is slowly becoming a popular branch of tourism, and cycling is a favourite activity across generations. That is exactly why Plitvice Lakes Municipality has routes for any age and experiences – from recreational cyclists to professionals.

This article showcases three lower intensity routes ideal for a three-day long tour of across the municipality. Starting with the lowest intensity, we present:

“Popolju” trail

The Popolju trail is 16.5 kilometres long with an altitude change of 96 meters, so it should be easy even for beginners in recreational cycling.

This route across the Korenica field follows the river Matica to its source where you will definitely want to take a break, and then head back through Gradina Korenička. It is an ideal day one warm-up route, perfect to prepare you for two more days of your active vacation.

“Around Mrsinj” trail

The somewhat more experienced cyclist ready to spend a full day on a unique adventure should choose the “Around Mrsinj” trail, 36 kilometres long with an altitude change of 664 metres.

The trail takes you across the typical Lika landscape, from forests to vast pastures where cows and sheep spend their days. You are welcome to take a selfie with them while on a break, because your goal is to enjoy yourself, relax, create new memories and conquer new trails.

Keep in mind that you are going to need to save some energy for the third and most demanding day on wheels.

“Slopes of Plješevica”

After conquering the first two trails, you are ready to take on the slopes of Plješevica.

The most difficult of the recreational trails is so unique and special that you will completely forget about being tired. It is 36.5 kilometres long with an altitude change of 667 metres, and it takes you across the slopes of Lička Plješevica where you will sometimes go above an altitude of 1000 metres.

The trail offers incredible views of the Koreničko polje, Bijelopolje and the Plješevica summit, which will make you come back to this trail over and over again.

Next time we will cover two difficult trails intended for semi-professionals and professionals.
See you on two wheels!

PHOTO: Rade Jug for Tourist Board of Plitvice Lakes Municipality

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