Top 50 bucket list destinations for kids & families in Europe


It’s August and pretty much all of Europe is on vacation. From beach resorts to mountain peaks and cultural destinations, Europe has so much to offer.

But there are a handful of destinations that are truly special and which everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. And some of these amazing destinations are best to experience as a child, together with the family and loved ones.

Here at, they decided to create the first travel bucket list destinations for children and families. They turned to online reviews to rank the best 50 family-friendly destinations in Europe based on their average rating and number of votes, as they believe that consistent high scores is a great indication of quality.

They ranked over 250 destinations that kids and families love such as amusement parks and theme parks, aqua parks, beaches, zoos and aquariums, kids museums, and national parks.

The rankings are a weighted average score based on the average Google rating and number of reviews for each destination. High ratings on Google are given more weight, so, for example, a destination with an average rating of 4.9 and 30,000 reviews will score higher than a destination with 4.5 average rank and 40,000 reviews.

So if you still haven’t decided where to vacation this year, THIS LIST is for you. And if you already went on vacation, keep it bookmarked for future holidays.




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