Travel off peak season and discover these 6 incredible destinations without the crowds


With the world starting to open back up again, our research shows that a majority of travelers (54%)* are more likely to travel during off-peak season now than they were before the pandemic, with the main reason being that it’s less crowded (89%) and there’s less risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19 (74%).

Our research further shows that almost 7 in 10 (68%) of global travelers would visit an alternative destination in a bid to avoid traveling during peak season.

Since experiencing the world is not tied to a handful of months, but can be explored 365 days a year, we share six incredible destinations to help inspire travelers to take advantage of the off-peak season to have a more meaningful interaction with the local community, culture and traditions while in general and discovering a beloved destination without the crowds.

San Francisco, USA

Located on the Westcoast of the US, and known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, steep roads with its iconic trams, the first established LGBTQ+ neighborhood in the country, and amazing food scene, San Francisco has always been one of the top visited US destinations by travelers globally. And not surprisingly being highly recommended for ‘city trips’ by travelers. While in normal times it can get very busy with tourists during summer, the best time to visit and explore the city is actually from September to November. At that time it is also the perfect temperatures for sightseeing and wandering around the city. And with a San Francisco Attractions and Tour Pass, travelers can easily access a wide selection of tours, attractions and popular landmarks.