She travels and does handstands in beautiful locations 


Laura is Wilfully Wild, and her pictures are just amazing!

 Wilfully Wild Laura is a very interesting lady that combines her love of handstands with her love of traveling. How? Well, she does handstands in beautiful locations around the globe to document trips! This summer she decided to visit Plitvice and we just had to talk to her!

„This was my first time at Plitvice Lakes. In the UK, we have bank holidays in May so I was looking for a place to go to make the most of the long weekend. I found a really good deal on a flight to Zagreb which was perfect, as a trip to the Plitvice lakes had been on my bucket list for a long time!“





Laura caught the bus down from Zagreb and stayed in one of the Plitvice hotels.

„Staying so close meant I could be up as soon as the park opened and before all the tourists arrived. It is such a serene and tranquil place, I would definitely recommend visit! Nature is spectacular and you see much more when it’s quiet and everything is still sleepy in a morning!“





So how did she like it?

„I have never been anywhere quite like the Plitvice Lakes. It is such a beautiful place, and walking along the wooden bridges which zig-zag through the waterfalls is an unforgettable experience. The azure water is so clear and blue, it’s not hard to see why this place is on the UNESCO World Heritage register. The tallest waterfall, Veliki Slap, drops an incredible 78m and to stand in the mist as the water crashes down is like nothing else!”



Wilfully Wild took her handstand picture on her second day at the lakes after she spent the first day exploring.

„This was up one of the hiking paths, and the viewpoint over the lakes was just beautiful – definitely worth the hike! I travel on my own a lot, so I have mastered the art of the handstand selfie by propping my camera on a nearby rock and setting it to timer mode!“

The Result, if you ask us – superb! As she did it across the world we were curious what is the best handstand she ever did.

„My favourite handstand picture has got to be at the Colosseum in Rome. My friend quickly managed to get a really good shot of me just as the crowds were leaving and before our tour guide spotted us!“



But Rome is not her favourite place in the world.

” I really love Melbourne. My trip to Australia a few years back was what sparked my love for travel. The city is full of art and culture, and there is always something going on which is so much fun. I also went to Belize earlier in the year and this was incredible, it has made me want to visit more of Central America. The scenery there is so beautiful and untouched, and it’s great to experience a culture which is so different than your own. It also makes you appreciate everything you have, as life there is so different.”



With so many places on her travel wish list, there aren’t many locations she would go back to. However, Plitvice Lakes is definitely one of them!

“There is so much to explore, and there are some amazing hiking paths where you can get spectacular views over the lakes and waterfalls. I would love to return during the winter to see it during a different season – some of the photos I’ve seen when there is snow on the ground make the place look magical!”


We look forward seeing Laura here, and until then follow her on Instagram!

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