THIS WEEKEND Dejan Lovren invites you to find out if there is “Life on Mars”

dejan lovren novalja

Is there life on Mars? NASA is working hard to answer that question, but Dejan Lovren, famous Croatian football player seems to know some secrets…

“Of course there is one. Come to Novalja at Pag Island and join Life on Mars Trail. It will rock you”, says Lovren in a short promo video.

The trail is set this weekend,  so visit beautiful Novalja and enjoy an exotic experience! Also, there are landscapes on the Croatian island of Pag (especially eastern side of the island) that lots of people describe as moonlike landscape. So it will definitely be “out of this world” experience.

Even if you are not athletic, come to the official opening of the “Life on Mars” trail where there will be more than a thousand participants! See you March 30 on “Mars”!