“We’ll remember it for the rest of our lives.”


Sharifah Hazirah, a 26-year old Malaysian, just made a visit to Plitvice Lakes and truly enjoyed the entire Park with her husband. When we spotted her amazing pictures we decided to ask few questions about her Plitvice experience.

“I saw incredible photos and videos of Plitvice through Instagram and YouTube and I just decided that I NEED to give this place a visit. A month after that, I booked my ticket to Europe and the rest was history.”

And how did she like it here overall?

“I Love Love Love Plitvice. It’s such a peaceful and calm place to explore, the beautiful lakes and wildlife are all just fascinating. I also love how convenient it is to get from one side of the National Park to the other, so wonderful experience in overall.”

Her and her husband were at first confused on the correct ferry terminals so they took the wrong one by accident and had a little anecdote.

“We ended up having to hike for about one hour to get to our actual destination, but I did not mind it at all as the view of the lakes was just mind-blowing, I did not mind getting lost, it was a special experience getting to witness such majestic beauty of Plitvice together as a couple, we’ll remember it for the rest of our lives.”

They would love to come back one day when they hopefully have kids.

“I’ll bring them to witness Plitvice’s stunning beauty.”

PHOTO: Sharifah Hazirah

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