‘Wike’ your way through these 5 incredible wine regions


During the time at home when travel plans were put on hold, activities we would usually do while on vacation were being enjoyed within our own four walls, including wildly popular virtual wine tasting sessions. But now that the harvest season is kicking off in the Northern Hemisphere, and the world is slowly opening up again, travelers can start thinking about exploring the countries of their favorite wines.

According to research by Booking.com, 1 in 10 (9%) of global travelers are likely to take a trip to explore a wine region this year. After travel being mainly on pause for over a year, Booking.com research also reveals that there’s an appetite to stretch those legs again and explore the world hiking, with 16% of global travelers indicating they have plans to take a hiking trip this year. What better way to explore the beautiful vineyards the world has to offer than by foot and experience a new ‘wiking’ trend?

With a mission to make it for everyone to experience the world, they share five incredible wine countries based on traveler reviews where travelers can get the best of both worlds of wine tasting and hiking for whenever it’s safe to travel again.


Porto, Portugal

According to travelers, Porto is the top recommended destination when it comes to wine travel. And that’s not surprising. This coastal city in northwestern Portugal is famous for its port wines, produced in the Douro Valley. This wine region, an UNESCO world heritage site, is one of the oldest wine regions across the globe and home to some of the best Portugese wines.

To explore the area, travelers should kick-on those hiking shoes and walk through the different vineyards by following one of the many hiking trails in the area. Hike your way up to the hills in the region and enjoy incredible views that will take your breath away while sipping on a glass of wine at one of the many wineries.


Sonoma, California, United States

Sonoma is a perfect place to visit for wine enthusiasts who want to take a ‘wike’. The Sonoma Valley is a world-class destination which nurtures hundreds of vineyards ranging from small family operations to large internationally renowned wineries, with many award-winning wineries originating from this California city.

With many winery tours and wine tasting being offered in this region, it’s not surprising that Sonoma is highly recommended for wine travel by Booking.com travelers. For travelers seeking for more adventure, the region also offers mountain biking tours and hot air balloon rides.


Florence, Italy

Highly recommended by our travelers for its vineyards is Florence, the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region is home to many of Italy’s famous wines. The region is full of acres and acres of beautiful rolling vineyards which travelers can explore while ‘wiking’ various hiking routes that lead to one of the many wineries that offer wine tasting.

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