WITH TEN FLIGHTS Ryanair to fly to Zadar again as of July 1


Ryanair has announced that it will reintroduce flights to Zadar as of July 1 with ten flights as part of its summer flight timetable. Announcing the reintroduction of flights to Zadar, Ryanair said that Croatia had restored international air traffic and motivated tourists to plan their summer vacation.

Ryanair is happy to announce the reintroduction of ten flights to Zadar and is pleased to bring tourists and help develop the regional economy on which thousands of jobs are dependent, the head of sales and marketing for Southeast Europe, Olga Pawlonka said.

That is an opportunity for passengers who had to cancel their spring flights due to restrictions on movement and to use Ryanair’s vouchers announcing that flights to Zadar will be on special during July to ‘celebrate’ the reintroduction of flights to that airport.

Zadar Airport director Josip Klismanic too expressed satisfaction that Ryanair, which is one of the airport’s major carriers, was returning to Zadar adding that this year that company will connect Zadar with 10 destinations.