WOW Amazing video from Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke!

plitvice lakes

Five popular influencers from Great Britain and Germany were recently in Croatia as a part of the programme that included a visit to Plitvice Lakes and Rastoke. Among the influencers were Mike Will, Keenan Lam, Luke Clark and Ella Parsonss from Great Britain and Julian Herbrig from Germany.

And now we have the result – amazing video from by Keenan Lam.

Here is what they say in the description on the Facebook page Croatia Full of Life:

“It is impossible to say whether these places are more beautiful in the spring, when the flowers in its meadows are in full bloom and when the trees have turned green again, or when the riot of autumn colours is reflected in the waters of the lakes, or indeed during the winter calm, when ice petrifies the waterfalls and when the surrounding trees are heavily laden with snow.”

Enjoy the winter video!

PHOTO: Printscreen