Yoga lover in the Park: “It`s silent, but strong!”


People all over the world love yoga and seek for places where they can do their exercises with a great view!

That`s why many yoga lovers come to Plitvice Lakes – a place of special energy that motivates you for greater things! One of them is Ora, a young lady who we spotted stretching all over the Park.

“Look deep into the nature & you will understand everything better” – said Albert Einstein, and that is her favourite quote.

“The view over the lake was breathtaking in its unique way as everything freezed and covered with light snow. It`s silent, but strong. Surrounded by such beautiful winter scenery, I absorbed the power of stillness and felt activated. It inspired me to do some powerful yoga postures to activate my inner energy and blend in with the nature.”, says Ora.


She even included friends to help her out… way to go! Ora`s trip was sponsored by travel agency Infinite Croatia.

If you are also a yoga lover follow her Instagram account.

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