Knedle with plums – traditional Croatian seasonal delicacy

Photo: Unsplash (Shahab Vejdanian)

When the plum season comes, some people like rakija, some people like marmalade, and some people like knedle. We bring you a recipe for traditional Croatian knedle that everybody likes.


1 kg of potatoes

3 eggs

300 gr of flour



Bread crumb



1. Wash the potatoes and boil them with the peel. Let them all be the same size. That way some will not remain uncooked and some overcooked. When they are cooked, peel them and let them cool a little.

2. Push them through a food processor or mash them well, but do not mix them with a mixer!
Add, while still warm, a little margarine, butter, or oil (whatever you have). Add a little sugar and salt, then eggs, then flour.
The old recipes do not have the right ratio, because the potatoes are not always the same moisture, they do not have the same starch, etc. It is important to know that you should not overdo it with flour and that you add as much as it needs to be able to make balls. It sticks to your hands, and the more you knead it, the more it sticks. The best measure is that when you make a ball, it does not burst, but it is not as hard as a ping-pong ball.

3. Remove the pits with the plums. The smaller the plums, the better they are for dumplings. Or you can even use just half if the plums are too big.

4. Take a little dough, put a plum in it and shape it into a ball. Arrange everything on a surface that you first sprinkled with flour. When you’ve made all the balls, wash your hands and the dirty work is done.

5. Put a pot of water on a stove. When it boils, put in the dumplings. They all have to sink into the water.
Do not use too much water because it will boil slowly. Don’t overdo the dumplings either, so they don’t stick together.
When they rise from the bottom of the pot, cook them for 3-4 minutes. Then spread on sprinkled breadcrumbs or breadcrumbs with oil. Shake the pan in which you fried the breadcrumbs and take out the dumplings in a container. Repeat this until you have cooked all the dumplings.

6. When serving, serve sugar. Some like it extra sweet. Have a nice meal!

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