One perfume Plitvice = one plum tree seedling! New campaign #frommetonature is on


The Plitvice Times company´s new campaign that promotes corporate social responsibility, connected with authentic perfume with Plitvice notes

After last year`s debut on the souvenir scene of Plitvice, Parfem Plitvice has become an essential part of life of every environmentally conscious woman, but also the one that likes to remember her trip to Plitvice Lakes – the most beautiful lakes in the world. A reminder of your trip or a present for your loved ones, this perfume is a must-have product from your Croatian journey and many distribution spots and great interest recently just prove it. The Plitvice Times company is launching a campaign in which it will, together with the buyers of the perfume, give the nature back at least a little bit of what she has given to us.

Name of the new campaign is „From nature to me, from me to nature.“ From every sold perfume, 5 US dollars will be donated for the purchase of plum tree seedlings,  which will be planted after the campaign ends.

The goal of the campaign is to give nature back  a gift from us, just like the nature showers us with its wonders daily. From every sold perfume, 5 US dollars will be donated for the purchase of plum tree seedlings, since the plum is one of the essential ingredients of the perfume. We believe that it is a great contribution to the nature of Ličko-senjska županija, which is connected with the plum in many ways., says The Plitvice Times company.


Corporate social responsibility and environmental protection

The Plitvice Times is passionate about environmental protection and this campaign is an ideal opportunity to promote corporate social responsibility even more and in a visible way. The company emphasized that the plum tree seedling will be bought in Croatia, which only emphasizes more the importance of this local story and corporate social responsibility and investment in Croatia.

One perfume – one plum tree seedling

Plitvice perfume campaign „From nature to me, from me to nature.“ will last from June 15th till August 31st 2019. The price for 50 ml (1.7 fl. oz.) of perfume is 34.99 US dollars. From every sold perfume, 5 US dollars will be donated for the purchase of plum tree seedlings and for every purchase made, a buyer becomes a friend of the campaign and will receive an e-thank you note via e-mail.

How to participate in the campaign #frommetonature? In two ways

You can order the perfumes via mail by sending your name, address and mobile, in which case the payment method is cash on delivery.

You can buy the perfumes in The Plitvice Times webshop through this link . Payment methox in this case is either cash on delivery at your address or through Pay Pal.

Additional info on campaign

We invite you to be a part of this noble cause for nature and environment protection – join and support the campaign through purchase, likes, shares or any other (eco) way you can think of! Official hashtags of the campaign are #frommetonature and #odmenezaprirodu and will be used on social media and official Instagram profile perfume.plitvice. For additional info on the campaign and perfume please contact The Plitvice Times in one of the two following ways: or +385 91 518 0205.

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